Creationville, Inc. was founded and incorporated in 2008 By CEO Adam Gaynor.

After years of development and planning, "":/ was launched on September, 28th, 2012.

“I came up with the name CREATIONVILLE® in 2008, but really wanted to develop some content before we officially launched the company. So I sat on it for a bit and put together some projects, and just last year we finally launched the ship!”

Gaynor, who was an original member of the band Matchbox20, departed from the band in 2005 after recording 3 albums, and selling more than 25 million CD’s worldwide.

“I’m not one to suffer from creative blocks”, Adam jokes, “Honestly, I was just trying to pin down a few projects and find a home they could live under and Creationville was hatched!” 
He continues: “It’s such an exciting time right now, I am looking forward to seeing where I can build this company in the next 2-5 years.
 Sky’s the limit.”

"I like to instill in people the idea that you "LITERALLY" can achieve your dreams, it just takes a lot of determination and hard work, I was one of the lucky ones that dreamed something HUGE, but found a way to achieve my goal. "I make a joke if we can send a man to the moon….I think we can create something great, for our lives, right here on Earth."

With the company launch in 2012, Gaynor debuted his Flagship character "Edgar Pingleton", to which Adam adds: "The idea of Edgar is that you can give and receive unconditional love from something that isn’t perfect." "We all have SOMETHING going on but it doesn’t mean we don’t NEED love and war to GIVE it too."

"What I really love about Edgar is his positive attitude. The idea that it’s cool to have a dream or to wish upon a star is FANTASTIC….but to go out and actually try to MAKE it happen, I hope is not just a message for our younger audience, but something their parents start to identify with as well."

With more project slated for release, Creationville, Inc. is certainly on it’s way.