June 2015 Update

Hey Everyone!

Just a quick update….

Been super blessed with the support everyone has given to me and the company.

We’re proud to announce the arrival of our friends "Skratch & ChinBoo, and coming this fall, their greeting card line will go public and they have an AMAZING clothing line as well.

Of course there will be some plashes and other goodies in the store.

As for the rest of the company, you can see some of the animation we have begun to work on by hitting the "Edgar" and "Kursed" tabs on the home page. They are just teasers….but we’re super excited about the direction everything is taking.

As you all know, Creationville was started by me to show people that they can ACTUALLY live their dreams through good decisions and hard work. YOU can check out my original site opening blog to understand more on what we’re about and I hope that each and every one of you has a chance to do something you love.

It’s not always easy…..but going to work "happy" each day, is definitely a good way to go.

I’m grateful for each and every one of you, and can’t wait to share all the new things ahead, when the store re-opens and we have the shelves stocked with some goodies this fall.

Hugs and High Fives to you all,

Adam and the Creationville Gnomes

Message from Adam (Update for 2014)

Message from Adam (Update for 2014)


Wow….is simply the best way to put what we have been up to at Creationville this last year and beyond….

I am so excited to share with you the CRAZINESS, that has been happening at the Treehouse….

We have new peeps working with us….a NEW EDGAR coming out soon….oh, and can I say that Edgar has a CLOTHING line?!!

WTH? (What the heck)

; )

Also…..heading to the New York Toy Show to meet new peeps and Edgar will be hitting RETAIL in the summer!

It’s kinda crazy….but we have been working so hard.

There is a jewelry line coming out….and FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY our t-shirt line is almost ready.

Not to mention….Edgar has some friends being made….and there is are 2 other projects we are making that is different than the EDGAR PINGLETON brand.

Creationville has also teamed up with a company called iPost to produce a show called: Kids Rock America.

It’s an amazing project I will be a Mentor and Executive Producer on. We take kids from across the country and place them into bands to compete for a CRAZY prize! Truly exciting stuff. You can check it out at: http://kidsrockamerica.com

The company has been working so hard for the last year to get everything ready for market and that is in between me banging my head against the fridge to relax a bit.

; )~

But mostly….I need to thank all of YOU….for being there with us right from the beginning….and as we head to retail with Edgar’s brand and more….I want to remind you all that EVERY SINGLE TIME I sell or give away ONE Edgar Plush…it is about the greatest feeling I could have.

IF ever get a chance….go to the EWOF section on the navigation bar….for you newbies, that’s the: Edgar Wall Of Fame: (EWOF) And see some of the images from AROUND THE WORLD that people have sent in with their Edgar Plush Toys. I truly could not be more proud…. = )))

Australia, New Zealand, Germany, USA (of course), South America, Italy, France, Japan….and that is not even ALL of places Edgar has been SEEN!

Everytime people ask ABOUT Edgar, what is UP with Edgar? or why he is the way he is…I just remind you all…that Edgar is here to remind us that EVERYTHING is capable of giving and receiving unconditional love. It’s a simple message…and one our company lives by.

I hope this message finds all of YOU well….don’t forget to visit Creationville on facebook… https://www.facebook.com/pages/Creationville/451335118251196?fref=ts

…and if you haven’t joined Edgar Pingleton’s facebook page….it’s a MUST READ!!! He is quite the little writer…and mostly just talks about stuff he see’s…but it’s HIS page…so say hello when you can! https://www.facebook.com/EdgarPingleton?ref=ts&fref=ts

I will keep you posted on the re-launch of the site and company coming in the next few months…CRAZY COOL things to see…wear, and enjoy.

Always love and smiles to all of you… Hugs and more,

Adam PS: Happy Valentines Day! ; ))

Thoughts and Thanks from our CEO/Founder Adam Gaynor

h2. Creationville Update: 

Well look at us! First of all…a big welcome to our new friends that might be finding us for the first time….glad to have you….pull up a chair…and I hope you enjoy the crazy world we built.

So proud of the growth of the company, the new friends we have made and the faithful that have come along for the ride. 
Been such an exciting time as we begin the journey of telling stories and changing lives…one smile at a time.

Our flagship character, Edgar Pingleton, has been a tremendous success!
 We have sold so many Edgar Pingleton Plush Toys and we started posting some of the photos in our Edgar Wall Of Fame section! 
EVERY SINGLE TIME an Edgar doll is ordered, I get really excited because I know he is going to make someone really happy. 
It has been such an amazing process….such a great learning process…and for those of you, both children and adults alike, I truly encourage you to live a dream of YOURS!
 That is the idea of Creationville…..it’s not just about MY ideas….but the people I work with as well…and hopefully….some of YOU will be inspired to live a dream YOU can create yourselves!

Lots of new stuff Happening….t-shirts are now available…and some other secret toys and creatures to come!
Look around….send me a message…and think about fulfilling a dream for yourself. 
I believe we were put on this planet to be happy….and to only TRY to do something special or something your proud of. It’s not the winning and losing of the process….just the effort…and we ALL can do just THAT!
= ))

Always love and gratitude for your support and your friendship, 
Adam and the Mad Scientists at Creationville.

Message from Adam Gaynor, Ceo/Founder

September 28th, 2012

Hi everyone and welcome to: CREATIONVILLE

It has been quite the amazing process to get us to this day, the birth of a dream I had, many many years ago.

I am so dearly grateful to my artists and creative souls who have helped me not just realize MY dreams…but hopefully, they get to see some of THEIR own work, with pride as well.

The creative process is a remarkable thing. The idea that to conjure up an image, thought or idea…and then find the drive and tenacious temperament to materialize that dream, well, that is something that I hope EVERYONE who comes here can be inspired from and perhaps will leave a little more confident in their OWN lives…to realize that dreams really DO come true….is so important to comprehend at ANY age. Sometimes it just takes an idea to ignite a spark, but the connection to actually DO something about that spark is where so many people fall short. I hope people who visit here understand that ANYTHING is possible…it just requires a good plan and some hard work.

This site is dedicated to artists, musicians and dreamers EVERYWHERE….with the idea and understanding that if you have a vision…find the path that takes you to your OWN personal finish line.

It’s not always CONQUERING the mountain that means the most….it’s finding a way to climb it.

Lots of great stories to tell….things to see… And always happy when you come in for a visit.

See you all around….lots more to come soon!

  • Adam and the staff at Creationville®.