All About Edgar!

Creator Adam Gaynor describes his view of Edgar’s World…

“Edgar Pingleton lives in a place where ANYTHING is possible….but first, all you have to do is “TRY”.

People ask me about Edgar’s design, his “look”, I like to say that Edgar isn’t perfect, and I love the idea of teaching our kids that not everything IS going to be perfect, nor everyone. We shouldn’t go through life judging a book by it’s cover and when Children AND Adults hold Edgar, it’s very clear that we are more than capable of giving and receiving unconditional love from something that’s not SO perfect. To me, Edgar IS perfect. I think Kids see him the same way.”

Adam continues: “Edgar’s book is in the last edit, it teaches kids the idea that it’s really cool to have a dream or wish upon a star, but the idea that you can actually DO something about your dreams, your goals, well that’s the message I want to instill into children and really adults too.

My Dream is the New York Times book reviewer reads the book to their child and says: “Not only did this teach my kid to go out and make his dreams ACTUALLY come true, but it made ME say, “Why can’t “I” open that floral shop I always dreamed of.”

Adam Says: “I built the idea of the book around MY real life. The idea that I was in a band that sold 25 million records was BEYOND my wildest dreams. But I worked REALLY hard to reach that goal. And now, here I am 12 years after my music career and I’m building an entirely NEW company, new ideas, new dreams. But most importantly is, I am DOING something about it.
Not just HOPING it happens.
I hope children AND Adults get a lot out of the book.
It makes me super proud.”

This is Edgar Pingleton and he likes to dream!

Art work from Edgar Pingleton’s Soon to be released book

Edgar is ALWAYS up for an adventure!!

Edgar lives in a world of endless possibilities…..