Message from Adam Gaynor, Ceo/Founder

September 28th, 2012

Hi everyone and welcome to: CREATIONVILLE

It has been quite the amazing process to get us to this day, the birth of a dream I had, many many years ago.

I am so dearly grateful to my artists and creative souls who have helped me not just realize MY dreams…but hopefully, they get to see some of THEIR own work, with pride as well.

The creative process is a remarkable thing. The idea that to conjure up an image, thought or idea…and then find the drive and tenacious temperament to materialize that dream, well, that is something that I hope EVERYONE who comes here can be inspired from and perhaps will leave a little more confident in their OWN lives…to realize that dreams really DO come true….is so important to comprehend at ANY age. Sometimes it just takes an idea to ignite a spark, but the connection to actually DO something about that spark is where so many people fall short. I hope people who visit here understand that ANYTHING is possible…it just requires a good plan and some hard work.

This site is dedicated to artists, musicians and dreamers EVERYWHERE….with the idea and understanding that if you have a vision…find the path that takes you to your OWN personal finish line.

It’s not always CONQUERING the mountain that means the most….it’s finding a way to climb it.

Lots of great stories to tell….things to see… And always happy when you come in for a visit.

See you all around….lots more to come soon!

  • Adam and the staff at Creationville®.