Thoughts and Thanks from our CEO/Founder Adam Gaynor

h2. Creationville Update: 

Well look at us! First of all…a big welcome to our new friends that might be finding us for the first time….glad to have you….pull up a chair…and I hope you enjoy the crazy world we built.

So proud of the growth of the company, the new friends we have made and the faithful that have come along for the ride. 
Been such an exciting time as we begin the journey of telling stories and changing lives…one smile at a time.

Our flagship character, Edgar Pingleton, has been a tremendous success!
 We have sold so many Edgar Pingleton Plush Toys and we started posting some of the photos in our Edgar Wall Of Fame section! 
EVERY SINGLE TIME an Edgar doll is ordered, I get really excited because I know he is going to make someone really happy. 
It has been such an amazing process….such a great learning process…and for those of you, both children and adults alike, I truly encourage you to live a dream of YOURS!
 That is the idea of Creationville…’s not just about MY ideas….but the people I work with as well…and hopefully….some of YOU will be inspired to live a dream YOU can create yourselves!

Lots of new stuff Happening….t-shirts are now available…and some other secret toys and creatures to come!
Look around….send me a message…and think about fulfilling a dream for yourself. 
I believe we were put on this planet to be happy….and to only TRY to do something special or something your proud of. It’s not the winning and losing of the process….just the effort…and we ALL can do just THAT!
= ))

Always love and gratitude for your support and your friendship, 
Adam and the Mad Scientists at Creationville.