TV & Film

TV & Film


What happens when a young boy wakes up one morning to find everyone he thought gone has completely come BACK!

Skratch & ChinBoo

Take One Grumpy BearBat, add one Happy go-lucky BearBat, toss in some marshmellows and WTH?!
It’s weird, but that’s why we love SACB!

In The Works

A most original uplifting Christmas tale with a TWIST! From loveable Elves to Mr. Santa himself….but WHO is the Guest that was NOT invited?! Don’t be TOO scared…..he won’t BITE! (We hope!)

More to come soon!

Creationville’s™ Television and Film Developmental Mission Statement

Like the Pioneer’s before us, men like Walt Disney, Tim Burton and Rod Serling, Adam Gaynor and Creationville’s™ developmental team are trying to bring back the art of STORY TELLING in their animation department.
Combining Classic elements of the past, fine art and attention to detail, we at Creationville™ haven’t forgotten the ART of storytelling….and we have a LOT of stories to tell.

Stay tuned for more photo’s, show-cells and updates on all our latest projects….until then….enjoy some quality Television.

- Creationville™ Department of Relevance